ITSVET Newsletter 15.2.2017

Project Overview

ITSVET Project has proceeded so far as planned. During the second period the main duty has been planning the curriculum for the program based on the research done during previous period.
There has been one project group meeting in Tallinn where the project plan was gone through and checked that every partner commit to their responsibilities. Also one of the streering group meeting has been held.
There utilisation of the research has continued by all partners and the need of working life has been transferred to the curriculum planning. Curriculum framework for ICT security experts has been planned and the detailed discussion about the content was carried out in the project meeting in December. During this spring the curriculum structure and the content will be developed further and finally localised by project partners. As the next stage the mapping of study material for the program will start and after that missing parts will be developed.
As a project we also faced an interesting ICT security case while our DSS system was attacked and encrypted by a cryptovirus which got in using a false e-mail address and was opened by a partner. All files were recovered by the Dropbox support system. It took 5 days and the project communication via DSS and uploading working documents was delayed.

Third Partner Meeting in Tallinn
– Developing the Curriculum

The host of the third meeting, Ants Sild, welcomed all the partners and offered excellent facilities for the meeting.
The ICT security case the project itself faced and how to prevent our processes later on was discussed during the dinner
Ants Sild, CEO of BCS Koolitus, coordinated the project timeplan.

ICT Security Specialist

Modules of the curriculum:

  1. Information Security Management  5 ECTS
  2. Business Continuity Management – 5ECTS
  3. Customer Service / Service Delivery – 5ECTS
  4. Securing IT Solutions – 15ECTS
Summary: After research phase the new ICT Security Curriculum will be planned, learning materials created, teachers coached and pilot tested. Finally educational actors will include the outcomes to their normal activities.

Moving forward

Scrum -pedagogy is planned to be utilised in the planned program. The first SCRUM-training has taken place in Kehtna, Estonia by BCS Koolitus AS on 9.-10-2.2017. All in all 25 ICT-teachers were coached.

During period three the Curriculum and it’s localisation prosess will be finalised. The mapping of learning resources will be carried out by all the partners.

ITSVET project web pages are live now!

Demand for ICT security experts is outstripping the available supply by a widening margin. Recently released reports show that demand for ICT security professionals over the past five years grew 3.5 times faster than demand for other ICT jobs and about 12 times faster than for all other jobs. ICT security is a very relevant issue in a range of industries, including defence, financial services, retail, healthcare and professional services

The overall objective of the project is to develop a model for providing ICT Security skills on the Vocational Education level with needed support systems in order to better meet the needs of the employers and to reduce the skill gap on the labour market of the CBR.

Current project combines all important roleplayers that are needed to address the challenge:

  • ICT employers from the region to identify the needed skills of ICT Security specialists;
  • VET regulatory bodies who are authorized to guide the field`s education standards and focus and who know in depth the process of developing a curricula;
  • VET schools will play the main role in delivering the labour market needs to students (future employees).