Need for IT-Sec professionals in finland


There is a huge need for ICT security professionals in Finland according to the article in Talouselämä-magazine. The article states that there is a significant amount of vacancies compared to competent applicants. Simultaneously a growing concern occurs that many ICT security professionals lack the education that their jobs require.

Therefore F-Secure and Intel have decided to make a donation to HAIC-research center; Aalto University’s and University of Helsinki’s program that improves ICT security education and research. The donations are being used for grants that cover the cost of living for Master students who come to Finland to study information security. ”Investments in cyber security research and education are essential when you want to secure those computer networks and critical infrastructures which we all depend on”, says CEO of F-Secure Samu Konttinen.


Source: Talouselämä 24.1.2017 ”Näistä ammattilaisista on Suomessa nyt huutava pula”