ITSVET – ICT Security in VET

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The project ITSVET aims at developing a model for providing ICT security skills on the vocational education level. Reports show that demand for ICT security professionals has grown faster over the past five years than demand for other ICT jobs. Thus, the objective of the project is to meet the needs of the region’s employers through developing a VET model for the ICT security specialists to reduce the skill gap of the labour market in the Central Baltic region. The consortium brings together ICT employers, vocational education institutions and vocational education regulatory bodies.

In practice the project performs a research to identify the needed competences for ICT security specialists in the Central Baltic labour market. Based on the results the project develops a new curriculum for vocational education schools in Estonia, Latvia and Finland. To make this a ready-to-go model, learning materials and a teacher’s guide will be developed and the future teachers of this curriculum will be trained. All three participating vocational schools will run a pilot of the developed curriculum in their school. Developing a joint curriculum will lead to further integration of the Central Baltic region labour market due to enhanced mobility of students and employees as well as raised awareness about the developed curriculum.